She holds a Master degree in Dance and Performance obtained at Paris8 University (2011/2013) in partnership with the CNDC Angers under the Direction of Emmanuelle Huynh. She worked with Sofia Neuparth and studies the body through the approaches of anatomy, paleontology, and philosophy. She is also trained as a Qi Gong Instructor and holds a degree from the Traditional Chinese Medicine school of Lisbon.
In 2007, her interest of the Japanese artist Hijikata Tatsumi lead her to make several workshops and researches around the Butoh, in France, Germany and Japan. Teodoro created solo choreographies - MelTe (2009), Curve (2010), Orifice Paradise (2012), Gut’s Dream (2013), Shade (2014) and Plateau (2017). Her work has been presented in different Festivals in France, Austria, Taiwan, Brazil and Portugal.
As a dancer she collaborates with different artists like João Martins dos Santos, Laurent Pichaud, Marcela Santader Corvalàn, between others.
Ana Rita Teodoro is an associated artist at the CND (Centre National de Danse, Pantin, France) since 2017.

@ Didier Olivré/ Thibault Montamat./ Le Quartz